Patient Reviews

Dr. Barba is awesome. She has extracted 6 of my teeth and performed other procedures as well. She and her staff were great at keeping me calm and very relaxed. I have moved away from the area were they are located and will still drive almost any distance to make it back to her. Dr. Barba and her staff are much more professional than any other dentist office I have visited and I highly recommend them. You don't have to worry about anything she does because she is an expert.

- James C. Costa, Yelp

I just got back from visiting Dr. Barba. She is the best. I have not had any major dental work done in over 20-years. I was very scared but, the staff and her were so reassuring that I had 4-extractions & a deep cleaning done with no problem. LOVED IT! She's very sweet, calming & considerate.

-Caroline, Google

Dr Barba is awesome. I'd been putting off having my wisdom teeth out for 2 years because I was terrified of the pain, dry socket, etc. She had a special on her website for free nitrous with wisdom extractions, so I went in for a consult. Instead of stretching treatments out like other dentists, she offered to do my fillings and extractions right there and then on the day of the consult! Unfortunately I couldn't because I had an interview later that day, but it was nice to have the option to take care of everything right then and there. They really worked with me to get as much of of the treatments covered by insurance as humanly possible, which I couldn't have appreciated more. Dr. Barba's office manager (Edith I believe), is really the best. She's kind and helpful, and really goes the extra mile for me and all the other patients I heard her talk to. It's hard to find a good dentist--trust me, Dr. Barba is great. She never skimps on the Novocaine like my last dentist did (leaving me in terrible pain through my fillings) and did a great job taking out my wisdoms. If it hadn't been for her I'd probably still have them! Veronica, her assistant is also great, kept me (mostly) calm during the extractions and always offers a blanket to my cold self. If it weren't impossible to like going to the dentist, I'd love going here!

- Katarina C., Yelp

Excellent! After Hours Emergency Was Amazing- I had severe tooth pain after dinner today and I called her up. She answered from her cell phone at about 8:15 pm and she said she would meet me at her office and perform the procedure no problem. She didn’t charge crazy fees and the service was EXCELLENT! I have never had that procedure done so painless and fast. Very clean office, she knows what she’s talking about and she is extremely friendly and great to deal with. I am a customer for life! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!! MUST CHOOSE BARBA DENTAL!

- Mills M., Google

Cristina Barba, Top-Notch Dentist - If you are looking for a good dentist, Cristina Barba is the one. She is a top-notch professional, has a lot of experience (a lot of it gathered in Europe) and a very good hand. I saw about 6 dentists and I was unpleased by their lack of professionalism. Cristina Barba is different. She takes the time to check all the problems you have, takes the time to explain you the procedures that you need and she even plays you clips with the procedures so you can have a better understanding of what is going to happen in your mouth. Her office is very clean and the staff very nice. After the bad experiences that I had with dentists in the past I had a very hard time trusting any of them anymore. I postponed going to see a dentist because I disliked them so the problems that I had got worse. Finally I had to see a dentist and somebody recommended me Cristina Barba. I visited her already for few times and I like her. Not only I like her, but I trust her therefore I really recommend her. I wish I would’ve known about her sooner.

- Chris T., Insider

Excellent Office and Convenient - I contacted Barba Dental because it was close to my work and is conveniently placed. I am happy to report that she was friendly and very professional. Her staff was great in ensuring I received the best care possible. Even though I have been there a few times, I am happy to say she is the best doctor around, she takes the time to explain and make me feel comfortable. Thanks Dr. Barba for being close to my work! See you at my next appointment.

- SG H., Google

Recomiendo a Este Dentista - He tenido la mejor experiencia dental con la Doctora Barba. No espera uno para su cita, muy comprensiva me explico todo detalladamente. Tiene muy buen servicio y de gran calidad no senti dolor alguno durante mi tratamiento de dos meses. Por primera vez me da gusto ir con un dentista. Por eso es que la recomiendo a todos ella atendio a toda mi familia. Tiene horario flexible y todo su personal es muy amable.

- Marcela, Google

Wonderful Dentist, Wonderful Office - I never thought I would trust another dentist from my prior experiences. It is wonderful to know there are still good dentists in today’s world. Dr. Barba did an excellent work and I would highly recommend her. And guess what? The fees at Barba Dental are one of the lowest in Orange County! That is amazing! Your help is GREATLY appreciated!? Thank you Dr. Barba and your team, Christie.

- Christine, Google

Dr. Barba’s office is literally like a state of art experience. First and foremost, Dr. Barba is definitely one of the best dentists in the area. From the way she performs the procedures and the final success, you can tell her excellence in her field, education and her personal touch in cosmetic work. I’ve had a few fillings and crowns done; amazing results. Her approach to you as a patient is so relaxing and educative. I’ve been to a few dentists in this area before, but she surely is a pro in her field. I highly recommend Barba Dental.

- Rain F., Google